Famous people who use(d) Second Life

Jo Yardley's Second Life

I am trying to find out a few names of famous people, celebrities, who use of have used Second Life.

I don’t want to know their Second Life names, let’s respect their privacy.
I am just trying to create a list of people who’s connection to Second Life would improve the reputation of our virtual world or would make people curious about our virtual world.

Maybe their name will help you show friends and family that it is not just weird people who use Second Life.
But perhaps, if they still use Second Life, they potentially could be interesting for Linden Lab to involve in an advertising campaign.
Or if Linden Lab doesn’t want to do this, perhaps we can use their identities for ‘meme’s’, but only if we can confirm they are still using Second Life today!

So, if you know of someone famous who once said they used…

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