I thought this would be something good to share. A little tips and tricks to our lovely Prim Tatas!

boob guide_001


Got appliers for items with lace trim?

Get that annoying heavy black line around them?

Here is how to fix it if you are using the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

  1. First go into your “Preferences”. You can do this by hitting Ctrl+P.
  2. Select your “Graphics” tab
  3. While in your graphics tab, select the sub tab named, “Rendering”.
  1. Uncheck “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is not enabled” as well as “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is enabled”.

How to modify your jacket layer.

Sometimes, you can see your system clothing layer underneath your breast layer. In some cases tweaking your breast position can fix this issue. Sometimes, you can fix this by adjusting your jacket layer, especially on items like lingerie, bikinis and other items.

  1. Make a copy of the jacket layer of the clothing you want to edit.
  2. Go into your avatar edit…

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