Vespertine maybe holding a Christmas fair

winter fair, originally uploaded by sleepwalker..

Quoted from Flickr:

winter fair

so i got this idea today and couldnt hesitate to share. first i asked on plurk, but i don’t know much creators here, so i thought it will be good here.
i really love winter/ christmas fairs, atmosphere there is so lovely.. and there is never enough of fairs in second life.
so what iam asking for! i would like to ask between you, creators to join me..
– i have some restrictions of size of my land and concept of fair to make it small / local as it would suit to my sim
-next thing i’m asking for is quality stuff..
i guess there is nothing more to say, but i would like to give space to all original people which are making original stuff
– it can be everything – clothes, furniture, poses
i’m not sure about number of shops listed i would go with limit of 6 or whatever, as i said, it should be small!
-everything will be sold outside/ in special event area i will create/ in little wooden houses .and should have ” christmas theme in common”
please IM/ send me nc to Amelie Knelstrom if you are interested:)


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