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Something everyone that hates when an alpha doesn’t fit right.

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Hi, Tutorial time here, and even though I did this once a long time ago now for a magazine; I realised it never actually made it to my blog. Now with Mesh being a huge addition to the grid, one thing that is going to come into play a lot more often are alpha layers. I have already noticed that some are not exactly fitted to the exact shape of the mesh, which is not really surprising. So I have taken the time to show you how you can make your own, and then possibly open up the possibilities of more clothing for yourself… because you will know that if a demo doesn’t fit exactly, but you can make your own alpha, you can whip one up first, try the demo again and VOILA a 10L upload could make you incredibly happy.

First thing to do is to get the…

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So cute!!!

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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Hunter Hayes - "Tattoo" ]

[ MOOD: Frustrated ]

Man. My internet is being such a crabby bish this morning. Nothing seems to work, my connection keeps dropping, ohhh it’s making me rage. Regardless of my net issues, I wanted to put this post out for you guys! Lots of cute new stuff all in one post! I hope you like it!

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So hot this blog post!

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NyvaTonesWhen I put this skin on it instantly made me think of Ginger Spice from Spice Girls.

I Love the new Nyva skin from Modish, and it’s found at The Skin Fair of course.

The skin comes in 8 tones ( Cream, Dune, Mocha, Peach, Beach,Honey,Caramel and Terra.)

It also has Appliers for Slink’s hands and feet, Lolas,Phat azz/Cute azz & Perfect Bum.

Modish 1

Skin: Modish-Nyva – Cream

Hair: Clawtooth- Business Time ( Collabor88)

Top: Kitja Cherie- Blouse with Sweater

Earring: Olive- the Cycle Cycle Earring

Book: Commoner- Photo Album ( past Arcade Item)

Modish 2

Skin: Modish- Nyva-Dune

Hair: Vanity Hair- Say my Name

Top: Ryvolter- Cotton Jersey Tank

Jacket: House of Fox- Satin Bomber

Bow: Remarkable oblivion- Briar Bow

Shades: Dirtymind- Round Cherub ( Kustom 9)

Necklace: Illmatic- double figaro

Modish 3

Skin: Modish- Nyva- Peach

Hair: Little…

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Famous people who use(d) Second Life

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I am trying to find out a few names of famous people, celebrities, who use of have used Second Life.

I don’t want to know their Second Life names, let’s respect their privacy.
I am just trying to create a list of people who’s connection to Second Life would improve the reputation of our virtual world or would make people curious about our virtual world.

Maybe their name will help you show friends and family that it is not just weird people who use Second Life.
But perhaps, if they still use Second Life, they potentially could be interesting for Linden Lab to involve in an advertising campaign.
Or if Linden Lab doesn’t want to do this, perhaps we can use their identities for ‘meme’s’, but only if we can confirm they are still using Second Life today!

So, if you know of someone famous who once said they used…

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